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Template Depot Import Wizard

If you would like our templates (or templates you’ve sourced from elsewhere) to appear in the WebPlus Starter Design Templates Wizard screen then you can use our FREE tool to import them into the WebPlus software. It allows you to import any x6 template file (.wpx) quickly and without fuss, allowing them to be used natively by WebPlus.

A Powerful yet simple application to natively use non Serif templates

So what will this allow you to do? Once a template is imported you can use the Design Template Wizard to use a non Serif WebPlus template this enabling you change the colour scheme and select the page designs you wish to include into your project. You can also later add additional pages into your project by using the ‘Insert page from Template’ option. All of our WebPlus x6 template packages now include the native WebPlus template files (.wpx) and the WebPlus standard project files (.wpp) file. Enjoy…


Download the FREE Template Depot Import Wizard BETA

If you find a problem or have an update request please let us know…

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