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The FREE WebPlus Template, Tutorial & Resource Centre

Welcome to the Template Depot, a free resource site that gives you unrestricted access to FREE WebPlus templates, WebPlus video tutorials and WebPlus developer resources.

About Serif WebPlus and the Template Depot Community

The Serif WebPlus x7 software is a quick and easy way to create and publish eye-catching websites without having to know any HTML code. Whether you are using the stylish build in templates (or our Premium or FREE templates…) or designing a website from scratch the WebPlus x7 software enables you to create full featured websites encoded in HTML5. All done using a simple drag and drop approach.

The Template Depot, along with its community creates FREE WebPlus templates, tutorials and showcases recommended developer resources. This empowers you to quickly build your WebPlus websites, learn valuable skills and techniques whilst arming yourself with a complimentary set of external products and services to effectively manage and maintain your website.


The FREE WebPlus Template, Tutorial and Resource Centre.

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